ISO 125 project bike 80's-90's

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1/16/2018 7:58 AM

Been looking, apparently in all the wrong places... for a late 80's or late 90's 125 Japanese bike. Kinda been drawn to a 89 RM 125 for a 80's machine and a 96-98 RM for a 90's bike but honestly not that fussy about brand, I'll ride anything...
Looking to give 100-500 bucks for a blown up complete bike that just needs some love to get back to life.
Please tell me if I'm delusional and they are really selling for 1000.00 plus dollars? Seems like after ten plus attempts to contact people on CL and FB marketplace and only one replied and then changed his mind and wanted to "trade" for it after I was willing to pay his asking price!
So I'm casting my line to see if anybody has a old bike sitting that they want to part with... I'm in central Indiana so any thing Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan area would work.

Many thanks in advance!


1/16/2018 7:32 PM

Good luck!

I've been looking for fun the last few weeks and there are some fair prices on a few RMs here in the Northwest..a really nice 92 sold in a few days that the guy wanted to trade for Bitcoin.


1/17/2018 3:06 PM

LOL, Shady folks holding most of the worlds 125 reserves me thinks... I blame Ronnie Mac!

Seriously A 95 CR with water in the carb, most the plastic busted off and black rattle can spray job ,bikes sitting in the snow behind a shed, dude has pupils like saucers in all his pics... I offer 200.00 bucks, no reply, is pot free nowadays?
The some jerkwad on facebook always posts, look at my 73 Elsnore 250 I just bought with original tires and grips for 50.00 bucks... The moto gods must be telling me something

There are two 88 RM 125's and a 88 RM 250 for sale in the Cincy area, dude is asking 400 for all three, too bad the 88 RM was a tired ole bike new...


1/17/2018 3:14 PM

I was so mad I bought a V Force reed cage, PWK carb and nicer head for my 250... Love the one your with as the song goes!