Honda hand guards

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10/6/2017 1:55 AM

I know more of what I don't want then what I do want. I'm looking for age appropriate handguards for an 86 CR250. I'd like to avoid the modern style Roost guards. Maybe wood came on the xrs of that era. I don't know who else made anything back then. Any ideas?


10/6/2017 9:19 AM

I have been going through the same thing. I am restoring an 88' CR250 to be similar to what I raced back in the day. I had used Acerbis hand guards back then as well as Acerbis disk/fork guard. I did a lot of searching and can't find any NOS of that stuff or anything similar. I did find that UFO makes a pretty nice disk/fork guard that reminds me of my original but I can't find any guards I like. UFO has a vintage set they still make but only in white. There seems to be quite a few other ones on Ebay such as Maier and Moose branded NOS ones but none that I liked. In the end I just recently ordered some flag style UFO ones that were modern but overall I thought would look good with my build. Photo


10/6/2017 10:23 AM

This is the sort of stuff we used back in the day: