Honda CRF shock on 1994 CR125

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1/17/2018 5:29 PM

Ive done a bit of a search but can't find too much information about anyone getting a newer Standard showa CRF shock onto a steel framed CR.

It looks like the CRF Showa is 20mm wide at the top mounting point opposed to the 19mm CR125 one, which I should be able to come up with something to make it fit, and the show will have to be shortened but by the looks of things the offset of the reservoir might come into contact with the Airbox on the steel framed CR.

Has anyone had any experience with this in the past?


1/25/2018 3:41 PM

My son ran a late model akit shock on a 96 CR250. It had to be shorten @ 13mm, alot, and the body just barely rubbed the airbox. A crf body might be thinner but my 94 CR250 shock and linkage are different than the 96. Only info I have.