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MaxPower MaxPower
10/27/2018 5:21 PM

I bought a G2 quick turn throttle for my 83 KX125
Will I need a different cable?

I don't have the original cable any longer to know if it will work with the new throttle.

I bought a motion pro cable to fit a Gunnar Gasser It was too long overall but didn't have enough cabee for the slide to bottom out in the carb

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nicko-31 nicko-31
10/28/2018 5:05 PM Max, I used a different Carburetor than what my bike came with. The new carb would not allow me to close the slide like you stated on yours. I found that the new Carburetor did not have #22 in the diagram. I installed a new one on the new slide and it gave me the extra distance to close the throttle. I'm not sure if it's what you want. Good luck with it.

Yeah, I have no clue !!!

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