Fox Air Shocks Gauge

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1/28/2019 11:35 AM


1/28/2019 1:02 PM

That's the "Deluxe" gauge. There was a cheaper one too without the hose.


1/28/2019 2:04 PM

Grabbed one off ebay a few years ago along will all the air shock tools.


1/28/2019 3:28 PM

Mine has not faired as well.
But the rare mx fox pencil gauge has. Photo


1/29/2019 4:53 AM
Edited Date/Time: 1/29/2019 4:54 AM

I use a mountain bicycle pump. Block, bleed, isolate, inflate and pressure readings up to 300psi, it's all you need. I use a similar unit for remote resi's and the old FOX monoshock. Priced around $30 or so.


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1/29/2019 5:41 AM

I still have mine,

Just used it & my high pressure nitrogen bottle to setup a KTM shock on a friends 300.

Also done a few Ohlins lately. Comes in handy at the Vintage races.


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2/2/2019 4:39 PM

I just use my KTM/Husky air pump with a WC no-loss fitting. Same as used on modern air forks. Works fine


2/24/2019 7:06 PM

I've got one. Wish I didn't sell my shocks a couple years back.


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2/25/2019 1:11 PM

Not to high jack but....

Just put some air shocks on my PE250

Any thoughts/advice on running them.

Do they hold pressure well? Mine seem to be dropping pressure, but IDK if it's do to the sub freezing temps?

Also, would you feel comfortable running them on deep woods type riding? I'm concerned with the bottom air valve being hit on a rock and riding out of the woods with 1/2 the shocks not working.


2/25/2019 7:05 PM

I raced hare scrambles many years with Fox airs on a couple of Maicos in Ohio and Pennsylvania (lots of rocks, ruts, and roots) and never had any issues. Mine never leaked but the cold air might be causing your problem.


Anyone but Ralph!

5/18/2019 6:35 PM

No dont worry about a rock hitting the valve. its pointing backwards and up out the way. If you are riding through big rocks that are feet high tall, enough to reach the lower end of the shock a lot more damage will bve dont first to the bike before they come into contact with the air valve. The chances of it getting hit are extremely slim. Bigger concern is the fitment/clearance of the shock near the airbox and swingarm gusset if its a 80/81. These PE's need mods to run these shocks.