Anyone ever deal with this company,

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11/16/2018 8:05 PM

RE-MX? Need me some vintage goodies and just noticed the website doesn’t show the “lock icon” for secure purchasing. Need a good handful of items to get my scooter rolling again so I thought I’d run it in front of you guys.


11/17/2018 5:36 AM

I bought plenty of stuff from them . don't be afraid


11/17/2018 4:29 PM

Dan is a good guy. Call him on the phone if you don’t want to use the site.


11/17/2018 4:42 PM

I want to thank you guys for your input. I suppose calling is best.
Have to get some stuff in order!
Tim P.


11/18/2018 7:09 PM

Back in 2008 I purchased a bunch of parts from the RE-MX website for my MR-50, and all transactions went very smoothly. All of the parts were high quality unless something has changed in the last 10 years, I highly recommend.