87 CR plastic question

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2/10/2018 2:55 PM

Hey, fellas. I'm building an 87 cr 125 back to stock and finding NOS plastic has been tough. I found 87 CR 250 side panels and front number plate that looks great, but I don't know if it will fit exactly like the 250 on the 125. Can anyone tell me if it's the same stuff from 125 to 250 that year, or is there more of a difference than simply the background colors? Thanks in advance!


2/10/2018 7:49 PM

Check TUF racing’s website. They carry all the UFO plastic for your bike.
As far as I know they are all the same.


2/12/2018 10:04 AM

Side panels, front plate and fenders are all the same for the '87 125/250 and 500. The rad scoops are different for each capacity though. Go with UFO, it's easy to get and super cheap. OEM stuff is crazy expansive and crazy difficult to find. (New fenders are available from Honda but weirdly, the colour isn't correct) The UFO stuff is virtually identical to the originals, (rad scoop to radiator lower holes need opening out to take the OEM top hat collar) and the colour is perfect.



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2/13/2018 6:22 AM

Thanks, Stevie! Good info!


2/15/2018 2:02 PM


2/20/2018 12:06 PM

I can't find the correct color front plate - I see white or the 88-89 red (UFO number ends in 61), but not the correct orange (ends in 21.)