81 YZ465 Wheel Fitment

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11/6/2017 8:18 AM

I'm dying here.
I am trying to fit a wheel on my 81 YZ465. Believe it or not, a couple years ago my kid threw a wheel away when I bitched him out for not getting the trash out. The wheel was sitting on top of a trash can. Anyway, all the online parts sources say that hubs from 81 thru 84 YZ and IT 250 and 465/490 are the same. Well so for that isn't true. I bought a complete wheel and hub for IT's and they seem to be wider and this offsets the sprocket too far to the sprocket side. (I will be torquing the sprocket bolts). The hub mounts up with my spacers and axle, it's just not lining up with the chain guide.
What I am looking for is if someone would show some detailed pics of the rear axle and spacer setup and measure the overall width of the drum.
I've already got this thing laced to a new rim which really pisses me off.


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