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Since73 Since73
12/11/2017 9:31 PM

Day one of my 1980 RM125 restoration project. The tear down was super smooth until I got to the swingarm bolt. It turns easily, but won't budge otherwise. Soaking it overnight with what I already had in the garage (PB Blaster) as a first attempt to free it; we'll see... Strangly, one upper shock bolt also spins but won't back out at all; seems stripped. Not sure how to attack that one yet?

This will be a "racer" resto, but a pretty thorough one with new crank bearings/seals, HPI ignition, nikasil top end, all new bearings/seals for swingarm, wheels, head stay, all new cables/controls. How MUCH I do to the wheels and suspension will depend money spent to that point; all will get some level of re-build. ** Anyone have a '79 or '80 shift shaft laying around? thanks - Joe


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Mini Elsinore Mini Elsinore
12/11/2017 9:51 PM

Good luck with your build, Joe. Your YZ100 was the tits!

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