77 Husky 125 pipe mods--Rick Asch??

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5/7/2018 6:21 PM

Back in the day, a well known trick to get the little Husky to move was to use a modded RM125 pipe in place of the stocker. I need to do this,but I don't remember what the exact mods were . Anyone out there know ??

The reason I need to do this is because 9 weeks after I sent my $ 455 to a well known and respected vintage pipe builder that I had used previously with great results, he has informed me of 2 things--- 1) He "doesnt make a pipe for that bike" however he actually sent me two pics of his Husky 125 pipe that was mounted ON a Husky 125--blink )and 2) He states my money order was "lost" even though UPS tracking has it delivered on 2/27/2018 at 2:31 pm on his front porch. US Postal service tells me I have no recourse . SO.... I have no pipe and my money is gone !!! Im pretty pissed. I have no idea whats going on down there. I understand that he hes had some medical/health issues and he has someone "helping" him,but something is very wrong.

Does anyone know if Rick Asch is still alive and possibly building pipes or maybe available to lend some technical assistance ?? I believe it was he that designed and built the Husky pipes that Mitch used during his initial Pro Circuit Husky years. Can anyone help with this ??


5/7/2018 7:31 PM

Rick did all the pipe designs back in the day and just retired from Kawasaki a bit ago (2015?). I know Payton still has all the drawings and specs. But getting him to build one will be another subject I predict. Payton also had a guy named Dave Carter build all his cone spec pipes in the early 80's also. He also used to build stuff for Honda back then too. If I can recall Carter lived in Seal Beach and I have no idea if he's still around. For one off stuff call Dave Miller from DMC fame (he's still in Anaheim off La Palma). He might be pricey, but Miller would do a great job. I know he's building a lot of XR mini stuff again. Along with the YZ100 stuff for Marty Tripes works revenge class. One of Miller recent YZ100's

Photo Photo Photo Photo


5/8/2018 7:03 AM

Thanks for the reply. I tell ya, I'd REALLY REALLY make it worth their while if I could get a re-pop of that Pro Circuit pipe.

I've used Doug Childress, Kevin Felle (Circle F) , Jon Easton (Jemco) and they all have built great looking and performing pipes for me, and yes Dave Miller makes some crazy nice stuff, but I just cant see spending 3x what those other guys charge. That being said ---I would definitely pay 3x's that for a Rick Asch/Mitch Payton copy however.

Does Mitch actually read any emails that get sent to PC? Any back-door way of getting in touch with either one of those guys ?


5/8/2018 11:22 AM

I'm confident he's (Payton) pretty focused on the outdoors. Does he read the emails? No idea TBH. Same with Rick and who knows where he is since he retired. The best bet is to go to a National and approach Payton. Or call the shop and ask for Jim (Payton's brother). He's the GM of PC and he might be able to get you an answer. Miller might have the specs that you need and can reproduce it. On a side note, I still have my 81 PC250 Husky when I was supported by PC. It's an all original PC bike. I was actually talking to Payton about the bike a few months ago, that's why I know he still has the specs. We figured it's one of the last ones (original PC team bike) remaining.

The bike today:

The bike when I raced it w/PC support:


5/8/2018 11:40 AM

Thanks anniebertmojo. I just may try to get in touch with Jim. First Nat I'll be at is High Point,and I'd hate to bug Mitch about trivial stuff during something as important as a National. But i certainly appreciate your help. And your Husky is beyond sick. Its great you've kept it all these years. Ive sold all my racers from back in the late 70's----hence the reason Im trying to find and rebuild them all now ,lol !!!


5/8/2018 12:09 PM

If you go to the national, try to approach Mitch during press day (typically Thursday if they have amateur races on Friday. If no amateur races its on Friday. Check w/the track). Press days are more laid back tbh. But Jim would be the one to get it done in my humble opinion since he runs the day to day things.


5/10/2018 10:45 PM

Mitch is very approachable about the old Husky stuff. After telling him not to laugh at me I asked him about a pipe for an 81 I had at St Louis a few years ago and he even hollered for Bones to see if he had anything left. "We just cut up an RM pipe and made it fit." was his final comment.