1991 cr125 impossible spoke search?

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10/31/2018 8:37 PM

Hi there. I've searched for the past 3 weeks trying to find spokes that will fit an oem hub w/ warp 9 rims 32 spoke back 18 in and 21 in front. This has proven to be extremely difficult. I really wanted black spokes and red nipples but I might have to just settle. If I could get just red nipples and silver spokes that would be ideal. Really wasn't trying to spend more than 150 on the whole set (front and rear)

Brands, websites, tips, etc would be greatly appreciated. Just hit a rut in my rebuild process. Ready to get her done. Thanks in advance!


11/1/2018 11:16 AM


11/1/2018 5:10 PM


a faster bike just means you'll be shutting off sooner