1990 CR250 Value

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12/27/2017 1:19 PM

Hi all,

I happened across this bike the other day, and just wondered what your opinions were on it:


Looks pretty good to me


12/27/2017 1:56 PM

That looks nice I say go for it. I guess $1450 cdn is around $1800? We had a couple in similar condition around New England for $1200-$1500 range so maybe start there? Once you start going through it the money adds up quick!


12/27/2017 2:27 PM

Yeah I hear you, doesn't take much to get in over your head on these things lol. I will see if he has any wiggle room on his price. Thanks!


12/27/2017 2:40 PM

By 1990 they were beyond the whole corroded water pump disaster, right? I really don't want to deal with that


12/27/2017 8:04 PM

That looks well worth it to me. Nice looking bike. No water pump issues from 89' on. I have a 1990 in kit form packed away in boxes. I expect by the time I have it restored it will end up $3000 in cost and be worth $2000 to $2500 or so. 1990 is a great bike. Add some late model forks and you have a bike that will hold it's value and still be competitive to ride. Go for it.