1984 yz 125/250 number plate

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10/24/2017 7:32 PM

I am looking for an oem front number plate. All of the aftermarket plates I have seen are solid, without the vents. If anyone has one or an aftermarket that has the vents, I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks


10/25/2017 4:51 AM

Start trolling ebay. Look for year, make, model and size. Also look it up by original part number. Love it or hate it... it is a great resource.


10/26/2017 6:08 AM

I have a yellow and a white one will send some pictures tonight


10/26/2017 10:45 AM

That would be great. Thanks


10/27/2017 12:43 PM

Interested in a white one only also !
Does not have to be mint !