1983 Rm 125 build?

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3/10/2018 5:11 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/10/2018 5:18 PM

Hi guys, I’m just getting back into dirtbike riding. Im 16 and I really like old school MX. I’m on a super limited budget. I have found that most older bikes (not in good shape) go for pretty cheap. I was saving my money for a 84 kx 125 that was listed for $400. Sadly the bike was unlisted. I saw this 83 Rm 125 for $250 and thought maybe it be a good project? The guys says all the parts are there, and it comes with a extra motor. My only issue is I’m not all to familiar with putting together a engine. I’d think anyone who has a good understanding of it would be able to put all together real easy. Any thoughts? Anybody have any first hand accounts with the bike? Maybe I can work the price down?

Here is the offer up listingPhoto