1983 CR480 Clutch

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8/2/2017 9:35 AM

Anybody know what clutch baskets will work for a 1983 CR480?


8/2/2017 11:59 AM

Yeah a 83 CR 480. wink

In all seriousness the 82 and 83 cr480 baskets are the same but the 83 has cushions while the 82 does not. The 82-83 CR 250 has the same basket but a different primary gearing and like the 480 the 83 came with cushions while the 82 is hard rivited.

Denton engineering was working on a basket and mataki offers one for the 81-85 cr250 but I swear the 84-85 is a smaller than the 81-83 baskets.


8/3/2017 3:57 AM

We have done them and I will be doing some more. Not quite sure when, thing are crazy busy right now, hopefully September time.




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8/3/2017 5:05 AM