1979 yz 250 side panles on a 78

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1/30/2018 5:38 PM

How much work would it be to do it ? Will the 79 side number plates fit a 78 YZ250. I don't want to spend the money to find out. thanks.


2/4/2018 1:04 PM

This isn't much help, but somebody did make fim sidepanels for the 78 YZs. My dad raced a 78 in 79 and had a set on his YZ 400. I had a hard time finding a good picture...Photo


2/4/2018 5:29 PM

thanks, I think they look way better than the oem ones.


2/6/2018 9:52 AM

Having had a d an e and f 125 and 250 when racing vintage in the 90s. I dont think its and easy swap, because on the e the side panel is separate to the airbox cover where as the f the side panel was also the airbox cover if i remember correctly..

back in the day we were forced to run fim type side panels on our 78 and earlier models in 79 to pass inspection, bolting on ugly square crappy aftermarket front plates made for some bad looks, my cr250 looked shite.


2/6/2018 10:25 PM

I don't mind the stock 78 side plates. That was a good looking machine. It's the last of behind the boot side plates. And your numbers lay flat, unlike a RM that had the crazy bulge from the upper shock mounts to deal with. I think the side plates on WParks Dads bike were sold by DG.