1978 CR250R fork transplant

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9/14/2018 12:50 AM

Looking for some wisdom and expertise. Is it possible to put the front end of a 1982 YZ490 (complete wheel, brake axle and forks) onto my CR250, given that I use some 43 mm clamps? Clamps would likely come from PDE.



9/16/2018 12:34 PM

Doesn't make much sense when you can get better CR forks on ebay cheap.. most people use 1983 CR450 for the bigger tubes and drum brake set up fits easily.. or 1986+ CR250 shim stack forks which is a jump in technology or late model XR650R forks which just require minor machining on the sliders to fit the drum brakes. This will give a modern fork set up with big tubes, a shim stack to work with, all in a package that still looks old school.


9/30/2018 3:57 AM

Photo I have 81 YZ465 forks/wheel brake plate in my 79 with XR600 Applied triples, Pretty much bolt in, I had to machine a small amount off the brake plate where it meets the fork leg to centre the wheel, I also had the later 490 type parts in it for a while whilst rebuilding the 81 forks, I was in a hurry & done no machining of the brake plate so not 100% needed, I am running R/T emulators & springs to suit me & they are spot on.

9/30/2018 3:58 AM