1971 Indian/Italjet dirtbike FOR SALE.

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1/5/2019 11:14 AM

Ok Guys, 1st I'm BRAND NEW to forums so I apologise if this isn't the place to post this, if not please let me know where is the place....

I'm moving this weekend, cleaning out my storage, and I totally forgot I had this little bike. It's a 1971 Indian/Italjet 50cc? Air cooled with a 4spd if I remember correctly. The topend was removed and I cant find jug, head, or carb. Ive owned this bike for over 20yrs!!! Well minus the 2 years when I sold it to a neighbor who has no business around a bike period, and mixed the fuel 100:1 and subsequently galled the piston and it lost compression. It's been in storage every since(10 yrs). The fuel tank was leaking at the time but I put tank kreem in it and solved that. I want to sell the bike as is, so if interested plz call me(leave voicemail) or text me @(903) 267-4840. I will have pics this afternoon.