Video with 2016 Sprint Enduro Champ Alex Witkowski

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6/20/2018 4:18 PM

Hey all! As some who frequent the Moto-related might've seen, I have a small blog where I talk with filmmakers in motocross over at I've long wanted to start including video features with some of my favorite riders, and today I finally got to release the first installment with my good friend Alex Witkowski. An article titled, "In Plain Sight" accompanies the video, which I'll embed below for anyone short on time.

The article follows Alex and I through my perspective of three days in North Liberty, Alex's hometown. I speak about the experiences we shared while filming his part for the article, as well as conversations I had with him and his family throughout my stay in their motorhome (which doesn't sound as bad as you might think). For those who maybe haven't seen before, we've collaborated on "120,960 Minutes W/ Alex Witkowski" and my full-length video from 2016, " ">Live! From the Midwest." His parts from 120,960 Minutes also wound up in my video for the Racer X Film Festival ages ago.

Alex is a national champion Sprint Enduro racer for Beta USA, and he spoke about his time in public school (and what he thinks is wrong with it), growing up fast living in Florida during the winter, music, and his trip to France to compete in the International Six Days Enduro last year. Article includes the video as well! Thanks for reading.