Red bird Crest trail

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9/22/2018 6:55 PM

Was trying to plan a trip to Kentucky in November, would like to ride red bird Crest trail, any info on other areas to ride as well, any info would be great.


11/20/2018 6:56 AM

Redbird is definitely the spot for singletrack and it might be the only USFS trails in the area that are open year-round. Mine Made Adventure Park is about an hour and a half east of Redbird and is a pretty large off road park with some singletrack. Mine Made is free to ride, pay to camp. Other than that, there's S-Tree that's back up I-75 from Redbird but there isn't a lot of mileage there. Cave Run Lake, about an hour east on I-64 has the White Sulfur Trail system but it closes down at the end of November. White Sulfur is all doubletrack, about 20 miles or so, but I accidentally found a short singletrack trail there.

If you're only down for a weekend, I'd just spend it at Redbird.


11/25/2018 7:29 PM

Just got back from there, single track was good, alot of wide flowy sections, rode s tree and renfro loop, pretty cool overall, gorgeous country side.