Mint 400

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12/14/2018 12:12 PM

Long story short (Been an interesting 24 hours)

A good friend of mine is part of the Mint 400 media production and has been buttering me and my friend up to race it. For 2019, the bikes are making a triumphant return to the race. In their words, there will be "two vintage classes 1980 – 1990, and 1979 and older, as well as desert classes including pro motorcycle, expert motorcycle, amateur motorcycle, Ironman and newly minted father & son, women and relay team classes."

Its essentially an 80 mile "single track" loop. Top classes will do three loops while the others do two.

I'm not willing to beat up my brand new YZ250, and my 1995 KX500 is not old enough to run "Vintage."

Insert my Dad's 1985 Yamaha TT600. The big white pig has been sitting in my garage for the last year and I'm content to get it running this weekend. Trying to get it to everything buttoned up for about $1K. Currently needs
-Carb Rebuild
-Suspension Service
-Hand Guards
-Brake Shoes

We aren't going to go through the motor. Just gonna change the oil and give it hell. I'll post some photos this weekend.

Any other Vital guys looking into racing it?


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