Going off road on a road bike?

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10/27/2018 3:58 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/28/2018 10:43 AM

Good day! All of you.

I have been riding Trek 4500 for about 2 months now. Riding it is a joy and I have also done a ride of about 100km (my thighs are still sore after a week though). But about 80% of my normal commute is on tarmac roads and the more I ride, the more I get inclined towards buying a road bike. But the problem is, once in a while, I have to go a little bit of serious off roading. I am concerned about

Fragility of road bikes

What happens if I ride 5km on a road like this on a road bike?

According to my knowledge, switching from mountain to road increases efficiency upto 50%. Is this true?

When talking about going off roads on a road bike, most of the people say road bike 'cant handle it'. What do they exactly mean?

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1/23/2019 2:18 AM

Lucky for you, gravel bikes are a big thing in the bicycle world right now. Depending on how serious the offroading you need to do is will dictate whether you can use a gravel bike. Usually, I would say that if you're not racing just get a gravel bike since what you do mostly is road. A gravel bike is just like a road bike, but it fits wide tires.

For most riding there is no concern about anything breaking. However, if you're hauling ass on rough roads with 25c tires there's a chance you'll flat and/or dent a rim. Gravel bikes often use tires between 35c to 50c.

So- road bike, wide tires and you'll be happy. Spend money on light low weight tires like Compass and you'll roll fast on the road too.

A couple nice gravel bikes

Good luck!