European Suspension

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6/17/2020 2:54 PM

I have an XC-W and was wondering what kind of suspension the guys run in Europe with their EXC’s in the WESS series.

I was looking to upgrade my stock setup for a more aggressive B class Hare Scramble setup for Texas.

I wouldn’t mind spending extra to get a quality setup. Maybe something I could use in multiple bikes for when i upgrade rides in the future. Any body know or have any suggestions? Is it even worth it at B class level?


6/18/2020 11:36 AM

Don't make it overly complicated with the xcw open chamber fork design.
I would call up Enduro Engineering (EE) and talk their guy.
They're in Michigan.
If your trying to go full crazy and make an upgrade that you will carry over to other bikes then you will want Lucky Gen 1 cartridges or a similar conversion .
You don't mention what year xcw so hard to say how much money is worth the improvement.
Your stuff is stock now with the correct springs I'm guessing?