David Knight heading to Toronto, CAN to compete in Hard Enduro

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11/28/2017 6:58 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/29/2017 12:17 AM

News just broke today that David Knight is going to be competing in the 2 Day Corduroy Enduro. Located 3 hours NorthEast Toronto. Scheduled sometime in Sept 2018.

"Very pleased to announce that 3 time World Enduro Champion David Knight will be riding the 2018 Corduroy Enduro. Knight has ridden and won everything thing there is to ride in the off road world and is looking forward to trying to add a Corduroy log to his collection." - Blair Sharpless (ex Canadian Enduro,HareScramble ISDE legend)


Wondering if this will open the floodgates for other pros to come in. Would be cool to see our local pros up against these caliber riders.

its about 110kms-130kms a day of fun, tough and scenic trails. There are tonnes of gopros out there on youtube too.

Lots of US riders come as I see a lot of various license plates on the cars in the parking lot


12/1/2017 1:26 PM

Good deal. Looks like a great event. Hopefully many other pros will join in the fun.


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12/2/2017 12:58 PM

Heard about this the other day from a friend. My reply was I hope he starts on a line ahead of me so I don't get bull dozed in to the trees when he comes ripping through.
I'll be loading up the trailer with a few buddies and we're going to make the trip from New Brunswick to give this a go... I figure why not, I've ridden maybe 4 hare scrambles in my entire life. Picking up a 2018 YZ250x soon, so this should be a blast!

Lived in Ontario until last year, most of my MX racing was in the area and I've had a few friends give this event a shot.


12/16/2017 3:51 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/16/2017 3:54 PM

One of the tests

heres another video one of the locals made for the race. This does not cover the amazing 120km+ a day of riding terrain. Definately tests your patience at times!


12/16/2017 4:00 PM

White_Trash wrote:

Heard about this the other day from a friend. My reply was I hope he starts on a line ahead of me so I don't get bull dozed in ...more

Thats cool man! Yeah I almost want to volunteer and ride around just to see If I can see more of Knight riding because it might not happen again. Id see him take off in the morning and wont see him till im back...2 or 3 hours later lolol

The 250x would be a perfect bike. Some of the transfer sections are long and I have a SX250 so id be in mid of 5th going so slow while people would be cruising by me at even lower rpms lol i was thinking 13/47 next time I do it. Im normally 13/48 or 13/50.


12/29/2017 7:24 AM

I've watched hours and hours of video trying to get a feel for it... It will be a couple of long days.

Have you ridden the cord? Luckily I ride with some really experienced guys out here so I'm forced to ride stuff I wouldn't even consider, and the trails here are super tight, rocky, shallow roots etc. Not looking forward to the water crossings.


1/2/2018 7:25 PM

There's only two or three river crossings usually and as long as you keep your bike upright, they won't water you out.

I've attempted the Cord the last two years, I didn't finish the first year. This past year I finally finished it.
If you're not riding in the expert or pro class, most of the trails won't be too technically difficult, they just beat you up over the course of the day...a lot!

Now that I've got two attempts under my belt, I'm really looking forward to it for 2018! I'm even more excited that David Knight will be there.


1/4/2018 3:54 PM

Awesome. The trails here are pretty much tight and technical everywhere, lots of elevation changes where we tend to ride. I did a race last year that took near 5 hours to do, hardest terrain I've ridden, none of it gave you a break. I figure if I can handle two days of that I can complete the cord.
I'll be doing the lowest class that allows me to do everything other than greens mountain and the TOL.


1/4/2018 6:47 PM

Yeah, I think you'll enjoy the Cord for sure.
If they keep they keep the same set up as last year. I believe Intermediate, Nov A and VET AA were the classes that ran the entire course with exception of greens and the tunnel.