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suzukiread240 suzukiread240
1/10/2019 4:57 PM

I need some advice! I've got a 2006 250X that seems to run really hot when I get into any kind of soft terrain. I live in Southern Utah and we have a loft of soft stuff so it's not an option to just stay away from it. The motor is totally stock with only about 60 hours total on it. It has a yosh slip-on muffler and I have removed the backfire screen on the air filter. I am planning on having stainless steel valves put in it here very soon so while I have it apart I am going to swap over to engine ice or Evan's coolant and possibly do some small tweaks to help with the cooling. I want to keep the bike mostly stock just to keep the engine life up but the cooling is driving me crazy. I am planning on buying a YZ250X in the next year or two so I don't have to worry about the cooling on this bike as much but until then I need some suggestions. Thanks guys!

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markit markit
1/22/2019 10:24 PM
suzukiread240 wrote:

I need some advice! I've ...more

Put a fan on it, lm sure someone makes a fan kit.

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bentiggerwyles bentiggerwyles
1/23/2019 2:53 PM

I believe Honda did offer a fan kit have you seen if it is running lean as that causes hotter running

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MillsHondaRider MillsHondaRider
2/28/2019 6:43 PM

With the slip on, if it wasn't re-jetted it would be lean. Check your plug.

Fan and engine ice (already mentioned).

Do you over-rev? Try to be a gear higher when possible.

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