Baja Tours advice- 5 day Ensenada to Loreto

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1/15/2019 6:04 PM

A group of friends are planning (for 50th B-Day guys trip) on doing the Chris Haines Baja Tours 5 day in September.

I have been to Rocky Point about 40 times over the past 30 years, so very familiar with Mexico border "vacations". But other than cruise ship day stops in Ensenada, none of us have any experiences whatsoever in Baja or riding MX bikes in Mexico.

Chris Haines has been doing Baja tours for 30 years, so not so concerned about the "rating" of his tour company. The reviews and feedback are excellent, they seem to have it all planned out.

Just looking for tips on how to make the experience better, from those who have done it? Most of us are experienced MX riders, but 800 miles in 4 days- new to all of us.

Any tips or other related suggestions regarding the journey would be appreciated!


2/2/2019 11:49 AM

Ride your motorcycle a lot over the summer so you are in "riding shape" for your Baja trip.


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2/16/2019 7:22 AM

Put bibs in front and rear. Gear your bike down, take some type if soft saddlebags. GPS is nice so you can document your trip. Large capacity hydration pack. Sunscreen. communication system like Cardo. Didn't think I would want to talk to my buddies but it turned out to be a cool addition. Split tools between all riders for all bikes. Go pro and camera. Big tank and take fuel filter or put on bike. LED helmet light. Extra pair of gloves. first aid kit. Extra levers. duct tape, paracord. You can look on and get more info than you want. Sounds like a hoot. Have fun and don't forget to stop and take pics.


3/3/2019 1:47 PM

Don't ride in the dust. If you're in eating dust; you're following too close. By that token, you shouldn't need Roll Offs.

I wear a t-shirt under an enduro jacket that has removable sleeves. Unzip everything (but keep the sleeves on) during the day. You'll be much happier in the bushes with jacket sleeves instead of tearing your jersey. Zip up as it cools off in the evening.

Take everything in; it's frigging beautiful. You won't be hammering. It's about good trails and enjoying it! Be VERY respectful of the land owners. For major bonus points, bring a bunch of pairs of work gloves and hand them to ranchers you might meet. This will be MUCH appreciated.

You're using his bikes, right? If not; put in Bib inserts and make sure you have a good skid plate and chain guide. The Honda chain guides in particular are so weak they get torn off and you won't even feel it.

Hydrate well. Don't get blasted at night.