Any District 37 guys out there?

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11/8/2017 8:10 AM

Was looking at the 2018 schedule and I'm ready to jump out of my comfort zone from the Grand Prixs, but I had some questions.

Is a Desert Scramble a non-national (NHHA) desert race?
What is a Duel Euro Scramble?
Is a Sprint Enduro a race against the clock like a Full Gas Enduro?

Any and all advice is appreciated!



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11/8/2017 9:58 PM

Dammit had a great reply all typed out and hit back and lost it...

Desert scrambles is a 30-40 mile loop, raced twice, hare and hound is a 30-40 mile loop, followed by a separate 30-40 mile loop. NHHA H&H is the same, but harder second loop. And they sometimes throw in a third loop thats about 15-20 miles

Euro: 6-16 mile loop, repeated as many times as possible in one hour. Usually, in my opinion, more fun because the races are broken up and you have less bikes on the start, so they can get right into fun trails without having to funnel guys in. the DUAL part means that you will have two races that day on separate courses. HBMC in March will be a good one, I actually laid out one of the courses

Im not familiar with the full gas styles due to not looking it up ha but the sprint enduros are fun. every 15 seconds a bike takes off, enter a "special test" and that is where they keep track of how many seconds it takes you to complete it. add up all your specials, fastest rider wins. Pretty neat because no mass start, kinda get to ride your own pace, but also no battling someone for 20 miles. No computer equipment or time keeping needed

If you have any questions about D37, or want to come race and pit with my club, send me a DM. I'm in Irvine as well so local, and have a decent idea of what to do in D37 desert haha. I'll gladly have our club pit you so you can expereince a desert race



11/9/2017 7:52 AM

Awesome! This is why I love desert racers, always helpful as can be. Thanks for the reply rk337. I'll be sure to mark HBMC's race on the calendar. Seems like there's a lot of buzz for this weekends Duel Euro as well

Viva D37


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11/9/2017 9:33 AM

The Dual Euro coming up will be in 2 weekends! The 18th and 19th. This weekend is season finale of NHHA, little more rocky than those euros will be haha
I've heard some good things about those euros as well, fun courses trying to miss the majority of the whoops out there in JV



11/10/2017 11:24 PM

From what I understand, the sprint enduro format of D37 is like the full gas enduros. Although, D37 has been opting for longer test times with less loops or repeats. The one that I did this year (United MC) had 2 loops that were something like 10 miles each. One of the loops took 15-20 minutes and the other was 20-25 minutes. We ran loop one 3 times and loop 2 twice for 5 total loops. Essentially, you run your first loop then you have a transfer (slow ride) to the second where you can take your time. Then, you do the second loop and have some free time after. We were running about 30 minutes for that break. After the break, those two loops were repeated. After the next break, we did test 1 once again and that was the finish. The only bummer about the sprint enduros so far has been that they have all been scorching hot.

To answer your question, you are racing the clock. You start 15 seconds apart and go as fast as you can.