World Series and Uber

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10/27/2018 4:41 PM

Got to see my first World Series game last night. I don't go to sports events anymore for many reasons but I could not pass this up. The tickets were given to us. No need to go into detail. Anyway, four of us met at a local taco shop in Long Beach and took Uber to the game. $60. Not bad when you consider that parking was $50. So we saw the game and one of the guys could not stay any longer so we left in the 15th inning. We went to the Uber pickup area and called. The driver responded that he was 5 min away. 30 minutes later he was still 5 minutes away. They had Uber attendants there to assist. She told us to contact our driver and when he got there he would be assigned a parking space and as soon as he told us the number we could go. Well it wasn't that simple. The driveway into the parking area was totally jammed with vehicles. None of them moving. All the way back to Stadium Way and further. There were lots of people waiting for their drivers but nobody was getting picked up. We later found out why. We ended up walking all the way out of the parking area and onto Stadium Way and found our Uber driver. He was in the log jam. He whipped a u turn and we were off. He was honest enough to explain to us that he was only 1 of about 5 drivers that were online. All of those other cars that plugged the way in were Uber drivers that were offline. They were not taking rides because the game was not over. As soon as the game ended the price would double and they knew it. So these fucks prevented anybody from leaving via Uber.

It's one thing to take advantage of a situation and make some money. It' another thing to intentionally strand people that may really need to leave.

I cant believe the Dodgers allowed this to happen. Maybe they didn't know it or maybe they were being sympathetic to other gougers. $16 for a beer. 1 fucking beer.

One item off my bucket list. I would do it over again because I got to go to a World Series game in my home team's stadium but I have lost some respect for Uber and the Dodgers.


10/27/2018 4:44 PM

18 innings and they stop serving at 7th inning ? Man that had to be rough.


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10/27/2018 4:47 PM

Congrats on going to game, sucks about the Uber tho.


10/27/2018 5:50 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/27/2018 5:51 PM

I went to a new high-end steakhouse by my office one time. Had a reasonably priced hamburger and ordered a single corona with it. The beer was fucking $6.50. For lunch!!!!! My goodness I can go to Walmart or Costco and get an entire six pack for that price.

Needless to say 10 months later they were out of business......


10/27/2018 6:15 PM

Never been to Dodger Stadium, but if it's like any other stadium I've been to, the local police are the folks probably responsible for the traffic issues. Add in the extra innings and just the overall issue of baseball not having a "play clock", and it sounds like an absolute recipe for disaster.

Depending on the stadium, I usually have my Uber pickups 5 or 6 blocks away and usually just that little bit of distance can save an hour getting out.


10/28/2018 10:17 AM

APLMAN99 wrote:

Never been to Dodger Stadium, but if it's like any other stadium I've been to, the local police are the folks probably ...more

Last time we Ubered from a Cowboy game, they increased the price 300%.
We walked about a mile from the stadium, and it was the same price as we paid going.


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10/28/2018 1:27 PM

I wonder what would have happened if somebody had an emergency at home and had to leave. What would the Uber drivers have done? Meh fuck em? I didn't really look but you would think that they would have had to leave a lane open for such situations or even ours where we had a driver lined up but he couldn't get in.


10/28/2018 1:48 PM

Just wait until they don't have drivers, Automated Cars then they will control your movements and really be able to price gouge.