Wire Temple Eyeglasses. Anyone use them?

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12/25/2018 6:10 PM

Anyone got tired of eyeglasses slipping and finally went to the old style, wire temple style? I’m considering it, but none of my local optical outlets carry them so if I am going to try them I’ll probably have to go to the Seattle area or something.

Just wondering if anyone has longer term experience with the switch and what some of the drawbacks might be, especially those that you don’t get in a few minutes while just trying them on. Things like the “curly” part bothering your ears, etc.

I thought that they’d be relatively inexpensive, but the ones I’ve seen online that look like decent quality are fairly pricey ($500ish), so I don’t want to just get them and regret it later.



12/25/2018 6:16 PM

Is eye surgery not an option? Had it done in January 2015, still perfect vision. Got tired of wearing contacts and said fuck it I'm getting it done. Cost me 5k but I don't regret it. Only thing I regret is not having it done sooner.

Glasses get expensive every couple years.


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12/25/2018 7:35 PM

My near vision is my problem, and from what I'm told the surgeries that they perform for that aren't as refined as for distance vision. I currently wear bifocals but my distance prescription is very weak and when I am driving I think I like it without my glasses more, at least in daylight.