WEC 6 hr silverstone, 1 hour in, Alonso and Button

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8/19/2018 5:10 AM

Only stream that works is French that I found


In an hour the leader has just shy of 600 overtakes.

Replay of carnage on start,fords still good,all that matters


8/19/2018 5:11 AM

Oh,Fernando and Jensen are there,still figuring out what is who.


8/19/2018 6:09 AM

Alonzo is in the 8 Toyota,the 7 &8 are class of feild.

Fernando is on a mission straight out of hell it appears


8/19/2018 6:36 AM



There has been a large rabbit has made 2 dashes across track,

Hell of a race ,the gtlm cars are tight.

Alonso is fixing to get a pit penalty, this should be a show as he floggs it .