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11/20/2017 2:04 PM

So I'm fixing to get a new GoPro- I use to be handy with a Pinnacle Editing Program 14 yrs ago..

Could someone recommend a good program? I've never used Apple iMovie.. I also understand GoPro has an app of some sort as well-

Looking for something that is of course user friendly-



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11/20/2017 2:21 PM

I haven't used the new GoPro app but everyone's been saying some pretty amazing things.

You using mac or pc... and how serious are you going to treat it?


11/20/2017 2:40 PM

gopro Quik app and gopro studio work great. especially for the free price. Easy to use and edit. I have more issues with the gopro firmware than editing. I have a 5, so maybe the 6 is more stable.

In the future if you ever want to spend a ton of time editing with more features, try Adobe Premiere or Final Cut.


11/21/2017 5:22 PM

Don't laugh too much, but is the video program on Windows any good? (MovieMaker?) Or is it the equivalent of Paint, but for video?


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