Vet on death bed just wants to talk

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7/15/2017 11:25 AM

Have you guys seen this anywhere else ? I saw it on another sight and googled the phone number and it seems legit, i haven't called it , i'm not sure what i would even say.


7/15/2017 11:41 AM

Send a text. I did.


much ty. How to spot a paid forum poster/artificial forum traffic producer (see list of actions/phrases below):

Copius pattern amounts of phrases like “Anyone have”..., “Anybody know?”.... and their variations.

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

7/15/2017 12:09 PM

I sent a text too.


Braaapin' aint easy.

7/17/2017 1:50 AM

u want ghosts? cuz thats how u get ghosts


7/17/2017 5:37 AM

Interesting...text sent