Time for new luggage.. suggestions?

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3/17/2018 6:02 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/17/2018 6:15 PM

I'm due for some new luggage (I do a fair amount of business travel) and definitely want to go more the Ogio style route than the traditional Samsonite generic looking stuff. I really dig the look and functionality of some of the Ogio bags, are there any other ones out there I should be considering? Also love that Ogio supports the sport.. any others like them out there??

Looking for a standard size roll about (air plane carry on size) and then a jumbo one for long trips / vacations..

Man the style on this Ogio Layover bag is sick! On the fence if it's too "edgy" for business travel, but I know they offer it in more conservative styles too



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3/17/2018 6:17 PM

Projekt Bags

Similar to Ogio. Clean look. More than likely has what you're looking for.

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3/17/2018 7:29 PM

I run a 9800 for longer trips, and a terminal for shorter trips, I don't mind the fact they are loud as they stand out on the conveyer when getting luggage, I always travel with a back pack for hand luggage as well, had the same Ogio backpack since 2005, and its not worn out so I keep using it, its been right around the world with me about 4 times now,


3/17/2018 11:19 PM


3/19/2018 3:49 PM

Definitely pick a strange color so you can see it on the luggage carousel. (And also so that some idiot doesn't think your bag is his and walk off with it.)


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3/20/2018 1:55 PM

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I recommend Rimowa luggage. I have about 5 of their pieces and love it. Super light and durable. I go with the polycarbonate style shells but the aluminum cases are the traditional ones. If you ever see a briefcase handcuffed to someone in a movie it's likely a Rimowa.

They are pricey for sure but they come with a great warranty and unique colors so you can stand out some. The 4 wheel is the way to go. I run the 32L model 95% of the time for my 2-3 day week trips and the 37L for longer trips or personal trips where my wardrobe needs more variety.




3/21/2018 7:44 AM

I travel a lot, Platinum Executive flyer on American Airlines.

I use Oakley backpacks and bags. They have been great for me. Whatever brand you decide to use, make sure it's good quality. You'll pay a bit more but well worth the $. I also try not to check in bags unless I have too. This gives me the freedom to switch flights if needed because I have a carry-on. The only time I check in bags is when I go overseas.

Like Falcon said, try to get a bag w/color on it. You can see it when it comes down the luggage carrier and spot it out quickly if someone takes it.


3/21/2018 8:31 AM

Col. Littleton. It’s not really down your alley, but another option to bring to the table.