Race fuel candles

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12/16/2018 11:53 AM

Has anybody ever tried these? I love the smell of going to Sx and the scent of vp is in the air lol I would love a candle like that and was hoping somebody on here knew if these had that scent.


12/16/2018 1:05 PM

I watched a vid with F1 drivers Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo and Max gave Daniel a candle as a gift, and he said is smelled exactly like back when he raced Go Carts, so im figuring it was a 2-stroke premix smell. So they got to be out there somewhere.


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12/16/2018 3:11 PM


12/16/2018 3:16 PM

I seen a few of these but I didn’t know if anybody on here would know how good they were. I watched a YouTube video but the guy didn’t seem like he knew how to describe it


12/16/2018 3:19 PM
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Race Fuel Candles

Klotz Estorlin Scent Candle

Klotz Benol Castor Scent Candle

Edit: Apparently the Klotz one really smells like the real thing.

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12/17/2018 7:13 AM

I bought one at vintage days last year. Dont remember the brand name but i think it had a tiger on it. Didnt smell like 2 stroke at all. Waste of money.


12/17/2018 5:56 PM

I get that every time I open my garage...