R.i.p. R. Lee Ermey “Gunny”

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4/15/2018 7:46 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/15/2018 7:47 PM

Lived down the street from him and visited his local brewery often. Truely a good guy. Semper Fi Photo


4/15/2018 8:03 PM

Dang... 'Bout all I can say about that.


4/15/2018 8:21 PM

Wow... that really sucks. Enjoyed his movies and History Channel stuff. RIP ?


4/15/2018 9:12 PM

I was genuinely bummed when i heard this. Rip.


4/15/2018 9:15 PM

Full Metal Jacket. R.I.P Gunny.


4/15/2018 9:30 PM


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4/16/2018 5:16 AM

I'm gonna choke myself in honor of "gunny" RIP


4/16/2018 7:41 AM

Millions of unlocked footlockers are being locked around the world right now in his honor.....


4/16/2018 8:58 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/28/2018 4:06 PM

Damn, really sorry to hear that, will be missed. RIP.


4/16/2018 9:22 AM

Semper Fidelis, Devil Dog. Thank you for your service.


Braaapin' aint easy.

4/16/2018 5:57 PM

And a fellow Kansan. RIP



4/16/2018 9:28 PM

Saw him at John Wayne (Orange County, CA) airport once about 10 years ago. Unmistakable. Did I introduce myself? No. He was enjoying his burger, probably on his way to work somewhere. Enjoyed his work. Unforgettable.