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9/6/2018 12:44 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/6/2018 12:45 PM

Do they eventually heal on their own ? Tweaked my (right) shoulder abut 3 months ago and then again about 3-4 weeks ago. Since then I get sporadic pins and needles in my neck and up the side of my face. It seems like maybe... ? it's getting better ? I've been stretching and doing shoulder exercises but it's slow going at best. If I turn my head to the right I can almost turn it on and off like a rheostat. Do these things eventually heal on their own ?
I tweaked it bodysurfing, it's happened before but this is the first time it's resulted in pins and needles up my neck and face. My thoughts are to just wait it out but it's lingering and starting to get irritating lol. Any helpful hints ? I know most of you in here have been fucked up every which way from Sunday at some point in time so it seems like as good a place as any to seek out any healing tips or do's and don'ts wink


9/6/2018 1:18 PM

Pins and needles going up your neck and face...don't fuck around and see a doctor.

If you've been dealing with that for close to a month there's probably more to it.


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9/6/2018 4:02 PM

-MAVERICK- wrote:

Pins and needles going up your neck and face...don't fuck around and see a doctor.

If you've been dealing with that for ...more

If it started happening without any specific incident I would have gone in by now. But I felt my shoulder get tweaked, and it kind of locked with my arm above my head when it happened, but then it popped back to where I could dog paddle in. Since then the range of motion and usability are coming back but the pins and needles sensation is new. It can go a few hours and feel fine, then I can be sitting in a chair or turn my head to the right and it starts happening. If I don't move it gets worse and worse but moving my head around and trying different positions gets it to stop. But overall it's not progressing like normal, and like I said, the pins and needles is a whole new deal this time. I just got over a hip replacement I'm trying to avoid the operating room for awhile if possible unsure . Was just curious if anyone has had anything similar and if it healed on it's own or not. Thanks !


9/6/2018 5:08 PM

sumdood wrote:

Do they eventually heal on their own ? Tweaked my (right) shoulder abut 3 months ago and then again about 3-4 weeks ago. Since ...more

Going through that right now myself i have C 3,4 & 5 pinching some nerves and my whole right arm is pretty much useless at the moment well a couple weeks ago now getting much better.
Seeing a Chiropractor who also does Acupuncture, Ultra Sound and soft tissue electro stimulation.

It won't heal on it's own i have put it off for a couple years and now it is chronic and i will be at least another couple months before it's all good again.Of course i'm 61 so if you are younger probably with therapy it will go faster for you.
I would find a good Chiro that does soft tissue work as well they will bring you around pretty quick.

I ruptured my left shoulder rotator cuff in 16 in a moto crash and this same Chiro had me back on the bike in 3 months.
No surgery it will heal better and you will have more range of motion if you do the therapy and let it heal naturally.


9/6/2018 5:41 PM

Always thought the chiros were “witch doctors” until I tried one. One sure helped me out with a jacked up shoulder that I knew was most likely going to require surgery. He also made some recommendations that helped with my usual 4 trips a year to the ENT doc for my sinus infections. 20 years later I must have slept wrong and it was like the shoulder shoulder injury had happened all over again. Had to find me a new chiro but what a difference it made. Basically taking physical therapy to another level as far as I am concerned.


9/7/2018 8:47 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/7/2018 8:51 AM

Hmmm.... I'll look into that sort of treatment. Traditional chiropractors also scare the shit out of me. I went to one of those free evaluation clinics and at home show or some where and the guy wanted to do an "Adjustment" on my spine right then and there, no X-ray, no nothing just jump on the table and let some guy move my spine around and hopefully it works. Fuck that, seriously I don't even like cracking my knuckles. The deep tissue massage makes sense. When I think of a "Chiro-cracker" I imagine some med school drop out trying to punch your spine back and forth. Guess I need to change my 59 year old thinking, doesn't sound like it's going to heal itself.

What was the recommendation that helped you sinus infections if you don't mind me asking ?


9/7/2018 9:16 AM

Last year I'd been seeing a chiropractor off and on who doesn't X-ray to work out some issues with my back and knees; nothing serious really. While it did help I spoke to a friend about it who has more knowledge than I and he recommended another chiro in my area who does full X-rays and a very thorough check. He pointed out why my lower back aches, and to NEVER go to a chiropractor who doesn't see my X-rays ahead of time. One of my lower vertebra are out of place (probably from a crash or that one really big fall/thump 25 years ago), and if it's continually pushed in the wrong direction can case serious harm. I've only been seeing the new guy about a month, but he's slowly trying to get my back back in order. I had tingling in my right hand and it's all but gone away.
Deep tissue massage may help as well, but don't be scared of the back-cracker


9/7/2018 9:25 AM

Dorsal root ganglion are finicky.


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9/7/2018 10:09 AM
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Chiropractors do get a bad rap and there are some who are not any good at all as in any profession there are good ones and bad ones.
Most of the time it is due to someone having something out of place for a long time and the muscles and other tissue attached get used to the new out of place position. When a Chiro moves the bone back to where it is supposed to be the muscles and tissue get traumatized with that sudden movement and of course get painful as they adjust to being torn from their previous position thus folks feel that the Chiro did more damage but really they have fixed the damage and it will take a few days for the surrounding tissue to heal.
This is where the soft tissue manipulation comes in it helps heal it much faster and minimizes the trauma of the adjustment.

If you have had something out for a long time it will get worse/painful before it gets better but they will bring you around if you keep up the therapy.
If you ride a lot or race i would recommend seeing a Chiro at least once a month to keep everything tuned up and in proper alignment so major issues never crop up as your spine really takes a beating on a dirt bike.