Only in Florida!

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3/2/2018 9:33 AM


3/3/2018 5:34 AM

Let your kid ride without a car seat or in the back of a pick-up and it's child endangerment. Swim with a gator and get Facebook famous. Forrest Gump was right...."sometimes people do things that just don't make sense". The older I get and the more I see...I am dumbfounded that the human species has existed this long. These people are just run of the mill dumbasses. Their ignorance usually just hurts themselves and bystanders. What really scares me is that scientists and governments are just as stupid but have the ability cause harm on a global scale. Never least there's beer.


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3/3/2018 10:04 AM

Was in Florida swimming down some manatee hole/area. There’s a team on a boat bouts 20 meters away. After an hour I say what are you doing? They go “oh we are just trying to get this 4 foot gator outta here.”

I was all thinking like that’s nice. Fuck.

So I kept chatting a little bit and asking why we were allowed to be swimming. But I guess a 4 foot gator or less isn’t a real threat to humans. According to the lady in the boat with a zoology degree. Still ain’t letting my kid rope swing out to a gator. Crazy.


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3/3/2018 11:45 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/3/2018 12:08 PM

Its not just Florida. I was fishing a Bassmaster event in Georgia and every dock had a diving board, slide and swing.
I thought the place looked so fun but as i turned the bend there was about 100 10 footers lined down the bank and i was surprised although i swam and skied with hundreds of gators as a kid and my kid has swam with hundreds of sharks many times. Gators and sharks dont want to eat you but they reaction strike on movement because of opportunistic meals and mistaken identity. Sharks hate human meat and spit it out everytime but some main arteries can get cut but the majority of "SHARK ATTACK" headlines is from stepping on a 20 inch baby tail and it swings and nips foot. SHARK ATTACK!!
We all launch a 450cc dirtbike over 150 foot gaps with a tshirt on so dont get all moral on me. Lol


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3/3/2018 11:47 AM

This is just nuts, if the gator doesn't kill you the infection you get from a bite probably will, stupid


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