New Myan city's found

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2/7/2018 8:19 AM

Did any of you catch the program on discovery about "Mayan Snake kings" I was impressed how they used lidar to see trough the forest & fined undiscovered Mayan city's that they had no clue about until now.

New Mayan citys


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2/7/2018 8:28 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/7/2018 8:30 AM

I saw some of that news. Pretty incredible stuff. The shear amount is impressive.

Read somewhere, of a similar deal, where they think they have found Genghis Khans' burial site.


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2/7/2018 8:45 AM

LiDAR has been a long time, not sure why they are making it out like that is new tech.

Very cool stuff Howard !


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