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9/11/2018 5:35 AM


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9/11/2018 6:14 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/11/2018 8:17 AM

God Bless America!

Edit: To answer Georgie, I was in 3rd grade. I just remember my mom pulling me, my brother and two of my friends out of school. I didn't know why and she told us not to listen to the radio or watch TV and if we were going to go outside, we needed to stay close to the house.

Naturally we went out to the garage and turned the radio on. Being that young, you don't understand what you're listening to. You just understand something is terribly wrong.

That night my parents sat us down and watched the news with us and explained what was going on. They reassured us that our military would keep us safe and we live in a great country, but that this is still very real and very scary that people would do such a terrible thing.

I will never forget that day. It will forever be burned into my mind.. None of my loved ones were effected but my heart goes out to those who were directly effected by 9/11 and my prayers are still with them.


9/11/2018 6:31 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/11/2018 6:32 AM

I was in 9th grade 2nd period, biology 1 with lab. Where were you ?

Still remember the people sitting around me. Remember what desk I was in even. I don’t recall anything like that except that day.


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9/11/2018 6:33 AM

I was laid off and sleeping off a night of partying when my phone rang ,it was my dad telling me to turn on the TV.


9/11/2018 6:38 AM

My first born was 3 days old and I was sitting in the hospital holding him when the news came on with live footage...... what world have I bought him into was all I could think. 17 years ago and seams like yesterday.


9/11/2018 6:38 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/11/2018 6:40 AM

Thank you to any of you who may have been first responders or had family or friends who were first responders, Thank you to all the veterans on here as well.



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9/11/2018 6:41 AM


Unleaded tastes a little tangy. Supreme is kinda sour, and diesel tastes pretty good.

9/11/2018 6:45 AM


Unleaded tastes a little tangy. Supreme is kinda sour, and diesel tastes pretty good.

9/11/2018 6:48 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/11/2018 6:48 AM

I ran over a nail and got a flat tire on my rd350. Spent most of the night at Denny's talking it over with friends.

First memory of visiting New York was seeing the twin towers from across the Hudson 6 months earlier.

Godspeed to the victims and families.


9/11/2018 8:08 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/11/2018 8:09 AM

This is a good documentary with real audio from the air traffic controllers on 9/11.

I was in chemistry class in college. They closed the school down for the day and I went home and watched it unfold on TV. Still today it is unimaginable and upsetting that we lost nearly 3,000 people in the heart of New York City and crash sites at the Pentagon and the field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

I'll never forget it.

Up to that point I was just another brainwashed stooge who was told Islam is a religion of peace. I spent the next decade educating myself on world religions. It became a hobby of sorts to learn what Islam is, what it isn't, and what it's capable of.

The evening of 9/11 is something I will never forget. I went outside and it was so quiet. It was the first time in my lifetime that all aircraft had been grounded. You could go outside and hear a pin drop. It was such an eerie feeling. I'll never forget that.

RIP to all who were killed on that terrible day. Never forget.

9/11/2018 8:19 AM

Never forget the F ers that attack on a Sunday or Tuesday morning.
Shame on you mitsubishi owners.
Would you some day drive an atta if there was one.


9/11/2018 8:34 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/11/2018 8:38 AM

I will never forget that morning ( unlike some of this new generation ) . I was heading out to work , and started to watch it all unfold on TV. I called my boss , who didn't have a clue as to what was happening. Took the day off and never stopped watching. I couldn't. Your country is under attack , how are you even able to think about going to work? I couldn't do it. That day changed everything. And god rest all the soul's that passed away that day. RIP.


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9/11/2018 9:21 AM

Big effects even here in the middle of nowhere. We were in the middle of doing a boundary survey in a small town side yard when the local retired but formerly long serving provincial political rep burst out his front door & started yelling at his neighbours across the street. 'The States are under attack the States are under attack turn your TV on they're bombing New York the States are under attack'. Then he ran/stumbled back inside. Me & my coworker now biz partner just stopped in spot & looked at each other, the neighbours stopped what they were doing and just looked at each other, then we looked at them & they looked at us. We all thought he lost his marbles & was having a breakdown. They went inside & we carried on but they came out a few minutes later and said basically the same thing. So we tore down & went to his place 5 minutes away to see what the heck was going on. Standing there seeing it on the tube was the stuff you don't forget, along with the yard episode.

Have a cousin in Gander Nfld in the car rental business at the airport. She has some stories, some of which more or less eventually made it to and are currently showing on Broadway. Sad days indeed....



9/11/2018 10:04 AM

My wife and I were just a couple days into our anniversary vacation in a beach condo on Mission Bay, San Diego. Spent the previous day, September 10th playing Torrey Pines in La Jolla, and a night out on the town. The next morning as usual rolled out of bed early while the wife slept, and made my way to the front room to watch a little tube.

Still half a sleep, I opened the windows and sliding door to start the day. Once the T.V. fired up it was already on a news station reporting how a plane had hit one of the towers, and had not yet confirmed what type of plane it was. And like everyone else, I remember it like it was yesterday. The two news people were carrying their reporting like normal, and then from the side of the screen I saw the second plane come in and hit the building. I first thought it was a replay of the first plane, then the coverage started amping up from there. This shits' for real.

I was somewhat glad that I was on vacation and had the time to watch it all unfold, and equally as glad that I was on the direct opposite side of the country. One thing that stands out too is the airport has their planes take off over Mission Bay, then loop back around. Never noticed how the sound of a plane taking off blends in, until there isn't any.


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9/11/2018 11:31 AM

I took off from Manchester, NH at the same time the first plane hit. We ended up having to land in Erie, PA.

Before we had to land, we heard an airliner asking for lower, saying they had a situation going on. I've never heard that much stress in someone's voice on the radio. We were in the same sector of Cleveland Center as flight 93 at the same time, and I think we were actually on the ground a little before they crashed. I didn't remember the call sign but I'm 99.9% sure it was them. I've been to Shanksville three or four times since. It's very moving to think about the heroism that is buried there.


9/11/2018 11:49 AM

Gworm wrote:

I took off from Manchester, NH at the same time the first plane hit. We ended up having to land in Erie, PA.

Before we had to ...more

Me and my wife saw the movie United 93 in the movie theater when it came out in 2006. The only time I have left after a movie was over and it was complete silence as everyone left. It's a powerful movie.


9/11/2018 12:10 PM

Heading into SF on BART where I worked as a PG&E electrical system dispatcher in the Grid Control Center on the 15th floor. Heard report of the 1st plane as I stepped off the train. I arrived at
the Control Center to find everyone staring at the video wall in disbelief. Much talk of how it could have happened when the 2nd plane struck. At that moment we realized this was not an accident & we were under attack. Standing in a 35 story highrise building looking out at a panoramic view of SF bay & the Bay Bridge I began to realize how vulnerable we were. The whole Control Center immediately snapped into crisis mode. Thus began the most incredible day of my PG&E career. A day I will never forget. RIP


9/11/2018 12:16 PM

I always remember getting up and turning the tv on , it just showed the first plane hitting on replay and then they showed the second plane hitting , I got my flat mate up to watch , I was 23 and had only just moved out of home


9/11/2018 12:21 PM

RIP to all who died that day. I was in preschool and I remember my mom came and got me out early, took me home, and I slightly remember watching the news channel after it had all happened that day. Just sitting there not really understanding what had happened, because at the age of 6 you don’t really understand the news or find it interesting, I do recall my mom informing me of what had happened though.

I just read a post on Facebook about how Brooklyn Ladder 118 was seen charging into the tower, and rushing up the stairs, people recalled seeing “118” on their helmets. They were never seen again. Fearless men right there. Heroes.

It’s insane that some people survived the building collapse and I also read that a man jumped from the 22nd floor and survived. After watching videos of the collapse, how in the hell does someone survive that? Would you of had to of been at the top to survive it, or bottom? Crazy to think about.


9/11/2018 12:50 PM

First time I really understood what the world was capable of. I was at school going to 3 period when an announcement came over the speaker system. Everyone gathered in the gym to watch what was taking place. I remember thinking in football practice if this was end. It was eye opening for sure. The feeling in the air was pure sadness


9/11/2018 1:45 PM

I was getting up to go to work and my stepmom had the TV on. It was only a few minutes after the 2nd tower had been hit and we knew it was an act of war.

I worked for a data security company that had maintained an office at the WTC. We had only recently moved all operations out of there, but it was chilling to know that my coworkers could have been killed if not.


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9/11/2018 4:21 PM

Discovery Channel has several good shows on tonight about 9/11. Worth watching.


9/12/2018 6:43 AM


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9/12/2018 8:13 AM

i was in my first semester of college, class was about to start and the sirens started going off. everybody was like "wtf" and we walked out into the halls and there were tv's on through the halls with it and watched the whole thing unfold. announcements came on telling everyone to go home and be with their families.

i went to the track with a friend and just couldn't get my head into it, rode a few laps and we went home.

still hard to wrap my head around the absolute hate that was displayed that day


9/12/2018 8:46 AM

I was in my Jr. year of high school science class. My dad was a cop and I knew he'd be heading that way so I called him. He said this is something important on American history and I could go with him. We arrived from Ohio around 4am-ish and got hooked up with NYPD and put on top of tower 2 with the cadaver dog we that joined us. We spent 3 days there sleeping in the Mayrl lynch office building that was right around the corner. We made a second trip for 5 days and took more people with us about a week later.

These are from around 5am 9/12/11

From the second trip


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9/12/2018 9:04 AM

Man, some of you guys are young. I was working as a reporter in Arlington and actually went straight to the Pentagon- saw the flames, interviewed first responders who got tears in their eyes telling me about it.
I had just done a series of articles on millions of dollars in improvements that had been done to the building- exactly where the plane hit. The building was highly reinforced at the spot where it hit, and most of the workers had been relocated to other parts of the building.
The other thing I had learned was the day that construction began on the Pentagon- Sept. 11, 1941. Those were the first two incredibly bizarre coincidences I observed about 9/11. It's gut-wrenching to think of the sheer death and horror.


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9/12/2018 1:18 PM

Couldn’t believe what I was watching on tv/hearing on the radio. Went to my Wife and I’s wedding anniversary dinner the next evening. Seafood. Halfway through the dinner she started feeling nauseous. Went home. It was a surreal experience to say the least.

Found out the next day she was pregnant. We’re now celebrating 20 years married today and have been blessed with wonderful 16 and 13 year old daughters.

Our anniversary will be forever intertwined with 9/11. Thankful we’re together and family continues to be the most important gift of our lives. Others weren’t so fortunate on that day.

Going to dinner tonight (for our 20th anniversary) and that time period will come up again. We will never forget. Yes, we’re going to Seafood.


9/12/2018 3:17 PM

Yes I remember the morning of 9/11 very clearly.

I was working a different type of job than I normally had it, was right next to the dispatcher room and he had a TV.
I see some people in there watching it pretty intently so I went in there and the first Tower had been hit.

I had a hard time trying to figure out how a pilot could f up that bad and hit the tower.

A short time after that the second plane hit and we all jumped back and you knew right then and there it was an attack.

We're all just kind of standing there not saying much with our Jaws dropped and because I was kind of new I realized I had to get back to work and left the room.

I don't really remember much else from that sad day.