Necular vacation anyone?

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1/18/2018 11:06 AM

I recently bought a bitchin timeshare on Maui but the “necular bomb” threat stuff makes me kinda of regret it. I could sell it and probably make a small profit or keep it and hope the world calms down and North Korea becomes less of a threat? My wife and I love Maui and Hawaii in general but for now I think we will use our timeshare in a different part of the world. What would you guys do?


1/18/2018 11:37 AM

... seriously?


1/18/2018 12:11 PM

I second that, seriously? sell it for a profit. that's a good one!


1/18/2018 12:25 PM


Only one party makes a profit on the sale of a timeshare and it's not the one who owns a bitchin' one


1/18/2018 2:37 PM

I'd be more concerned about how to get the "sucker" tatoo off my forehead.


1/18/2018 4:21 PM

Where in Maui? And through which company?
We have a "every other year" through Marriott in New Port Beach.
We have stayed at some real nice properties through trade.
I will say we have not taken full advantage of it
but when we were able to use it the properties are VERY nice.
Places we've gone in the past,
Hawaii, Las Vegas (SX week), Palm Desert, Cancun, Australia
The Cancun was great because we used 2 weeks to take some friends
so they could have their own place for the week. And now the kids have
started using it.

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1/18/2018 4:47 PM

ToolMaker wrote:

Where in Maui? And through which company?
We have a "every other year" through Marriott in New Port Beach.
We have stayed at ...more

It’s called Nanea and it’s a new development right by the Westin ka’anapali. It’s 2 weeks every year and is really nice. We plan to use it pretty much every year. I do feel like a sucker for sure because I found out after I purchased that the pricing was way cheaper 6 months earlier. If the value goes up I really might try to sell and buy something else? I mainly wanted to give my kids a way to travel when older because my parents never went anywhere cool ?


1/18/2018 6:28 PM

I personally don't know anyone that bought one that even used it after the newness wore off. Maybe a couple years.


1/18/2018 6:56 PM

Well that escalated quickly.


much ty. How to spot a paid forum poster/artificial forum traffic producer (see list of actions/phrases below):

Copius pattern amounts of phrases like “Anyone have”..., “Anybody know?”.... and their variations.

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

1/18/2018 9:37 PM

We bought into one of them about 10 years ago. I think it was a 7yr contract, I know it's been paid off for a little over 3 years.

We originally got it because there were quite a few local NW resorts in the system and we could do weekends pretty easily and after our points were used we could rent condos for $25 a weekend. It wasn't too bad of a deal. Then the company got sold/merged with a different timeshare group.

On the original plan we had enough points for about 7 nights of a 2BR each year. After the changeover, we ended up with an average of about 17 nights, but we lost a lot of our local resorts.

We skipped using it one year and saved the points, the next year we took family to Vegas and got 4 2BR condos for 6 nights each a block from the strip and still had points left over. It worked out pretty well.

We still have to pay about $400 a year for "maintenance" but that's pretty minimal.

I doubt that it's been super cost effective for us so far, but it should start being better the longer it's been paid off. Where it's been good for us has been that it sort of forces me to take a vacation. Before we had the timeshare, I hadn't taken a full week vacation in over a decade. Now I feel like I have to in order to get my money's worth.


1/18/2018 9:50 PM

Thanks for all the feedback...good or bad and giving me shit is well deserved I guess. I paid mine off in full so I don’t owe anything and they said I could sell (for profit) anytime but they would probably buy it back at market value? The “maintenance” fee is way high being a resort condo so, anybody want to rent a week in Maui this year to offset that fee please send me a message?? Aloha!