Metal As F@*k

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9/9/2018 7:46 PM

Came across this and thought it was pretty unusual but cool at the same time. If you have similar things or have brutal metal video's feel free to post them up.

Besides the weird factor the guy is an amazing artist.


"Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower."

9/10/2018 8:23 AM



9/10/2018 1:51 PM

Not Metal but an artist performance. The great Deny Dent speed painter from the 80's/90's
He opened for many rock shows back in the day.
I saw his work up close when he was the opening act for Cheap Trick for a few shows in 88/89 on the Lap Of Luxury Tour.
Then he was doing an upside down painting of Hendrix and it looked like just a mess till he turned it right side up and
boom Jimi.
Couldn't find a youtube of that but here's one of him doing Morrison.

"With three brushes in each hand, Denny paints portraits on six-foot canvasses in the time it takes to play a few carefully selected pieces of music. Whether painting Jimmy Hendrix, General Colin Powell, Jack Nicklaus or Martin Luther King, Jr., the power and integrity is always the same. Audiences, ranging in size from hundreds to hundreds of thousands, have been witnesses to a performance that is an exciting blend of art, dance, and music. The artist himself refers to his work as "a passionate dance on canvas" and those who have seen his creations are compelled to agree."

9/10/2018 7:26 PM

Speaking of blood and slayer. Fast forward to the guitar part. This is the best vid on the subject I could find.

9/22/2018 11:43 PM

All good shit!


9/23/2018 11:37 AM

my alarm
I like all music. This is my alarm sound on all my devices from 1:57 on.
Fun riff.

I don't have to be as smart as you hope to be some day anymore. wink

9/28/2018 2:06 AM

as blood runs black
Love this shit, might be too heavy for some