Lost my Dad.....

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4/15/2021 7:50 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/19/2021 11:34 AM

My Dad passed away Tuesday night and it saddens me that I was not able to be there to say goodbye. sad

He went downhill very fast and even though his health had been deteriorating for years he wanted to make it to his birthday on 9/11.

What is ironic though is the hospice nurse said he took his last breath at 9:11 p.m. I am thankful my loving sister Stephanie and husband Dave were there to be with him. 🙏

Jan and I had planned to go Thursday after her important Oncologist appointment that I did not want her to change but it was not to be.

He did get his wish though and he was able to take his last breath in his HOME that he called his Castle and was very proud of.

Dad worked his whole life starting from a young boy selling newspapers with his brother Sal that grew into a Branch Manager for the Herald Examiner and LA Times. And just like Sal he bought a liquor store/market in downtown LA that was very successful until it was burned down from the Rodney King riots.

Dad never really held grudges though and he did not talk about that at all even though it was a major setback. Every time I see a riot it makes no sense and upsets me. angry

It has not really set in yet but I know it will when I go home to clear out stuff.
I will not be able to see him and cook him his favorite Turkey dinner.... 😥

Matter of fact the last Thanksgiving it was just Jan, Dad and I and he kept saying over and over how "it was the BEST Thanksgiving EVER!!!" 😃


Just the three of us, it was simple and good quality time.
I asked him to tell me some stories of his childhood that he loved to share, I will cherish those times forever. ❤ One of the greatest gifts he spread to my Sister and I was the LOVE of animals and we have had pets our whole Life. 🐈🐕

I want to thank my sister Stephanie and Dave
for all they have done for our parents.


Jan for going into the kitchen and making coffee and his favorite peanut butter toast while reading the newspaper cover to cover.

And now my Dad can join my Mom and RIP.....🙏😥


4/15/2021 7:55 PM

Sorry to hear mate. Condolences


4/15/2021 7:56 PM

Sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing. Prayers to you and your family. May your Dad RIP.


4/15/2021 8:11 PM

Damn so sorry to hear that Gary, may he rest in peace.


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4/15/2021 8:19 PM

Sorry for your loss G-man.


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4/15/2021 8:49 PM

I'm sorry for your loss, you and your family are in my thought, G-man.


4/15/2021 9:21 PM

Sorry for your loss, that’s a tough one sad


4/15/2021 10:42 PM

Saddened to hear that man. I remember you posting a couple of those pics awhile back for the holidays.


4/15/2021 11:46 PM

He sounds like he was a good man and father and loved y’all very much. I’m very sorry for your loss.


4/16/2021 1:45 AM

I feel your pain very sorry to read about your loss....


4/16/2021 2:31 AM

Very sorry to hear, keep those great memories of him forever.


4/16/2021 3:36 AM

Sorry for your loss bud, but glad you've got all those quality memories to look back on.


4/16/2021 4:56 AM

Sincerest condolences G.


4/16/2021 5:48 AM

Sorry for your loss!


4/16/2021 6:15 AM

Sorry G-man. Coming up on 10 years since I lost my dad.
The memories will sometimes bring tears but, many smiles and laughs too.


4/16/2021 6:50 AM

Sorry for your loss, you have been having some tough times lately .Keep your chin up, my friend


4/16/2021 7:11 AM

Losing a father has got to be one of the toughest things to endure. My condolences. Remember the good times.


4/16/2021 7:11 AM

Sorry to hear G-Man.


4/16/2021 7:18 AM

Ezza points out almost 10 years ago and same here for my Mom. This changed / enhanced my relationship with my Dad immeasurably.

I sense that with you and your Dad G-man. Damn right it was the best Thanksgiving ever! Condolences and sorry to hear about your loss.


4/16/2021 7:31 AM

My condolences G-man. 🙁


4/16/2021 7:47 AM

My sincere condolences to you and your family, Gary. You look just like him.


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4/16/2021 8:42 AM

Sorry to hear that, my Vital brother. May he RIP.


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4/16/2021 8:46 AM

God's speed to your Pop's G-man, it's inevitable but always hits hard when the time comes. Be comforted that he's now reunited with Mom and their journey they started here can now be continued in the heavens above. Prayers to you and your family.


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4/16/2021 9:26 AM

Sorry for your loss


4/16/2021 10:18 AM

Damn Gary, so sorry to hear this news about your Dad. My sincere condolences for your loss.

RIP Pops.


4/16/2021 11:57 AM

Sorry to hear that, Gary....
RIP, Mr. G-Man.


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4/16/2021 1:06 PM

Sorry for your loss Gman. It's been 21 years for me and I still think about the memories everyday. RIP


4/16/2021 6:10 PM

Really sorry to hear of your Dear Dads passing Gman.
I lost my Dad like 16 years a go, reckon I think of him most days since, if not everyday, as a few have already posted similar messages.

I remember you posting a while back about your dear cat Smokey passing also- me also had a lovely cat called Smokey the same- we posted stuff a while back about our dear animals a while back.

My family also- we have always loved animals! Mum rescues dogs and is still going strong with it.

Credit to your dear pops and you for helping the animals and being a caring soul towards them as you so warmly speak of.
All the very best.


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4/16/2021 10:43 PM

Ted722 wrote:

Ezza points out almost 10 years ago and same here for my Mom. This changed / enhanced my relationship with my Dad ...more

You are correct Ted, my poor Mom spent 8 long years in a Dementia home and it was terrible to see and I know it affected my Dad a lot.



4/16/2021 10:44 PM

whyZ wrote:

God's speed to your Pop's G-man, it's inevitable but always hits hard when the time comes. Be comforted that he's now reunited ...more

Thanks Bob....