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Tiki Tiki
12/27/2018 11:06 AM

My nephew is the Best Long snapper I know. I think he should be No. One!
Would you please help him win by voting for him on Twitter?

Click on the Link to Twitter
Please vote for Simon Samarzich

Simon is a great young man. He will be graduating with a 4.5 and he played on the Varsity team for four years. He will be going to college at Washington State, playing for the Cougars. Their team Upland High School here in California made it to the CIF championships, they were the runners up. This January, he will be playing in a High School All-Star football game in Hawaii. When he isn't playing football, he tutors his classmates.

Clip Fox Sports did with him.

Thank you from me and the family.
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tunedlength tunedlength
12/27/2018 9:21 PM


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ocscottie ocscottie
12/28/2018 4:38 AM

Done, Good luck bro!!!

"Feed The Bull"
Twitter: @ocscottie | Facebook

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Stuntman949 Stuntman949
12/28/2018 7:53 AM


"A link is only as long as your longest strong chain"

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12/28/2018 8:51 AM
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Tiki Tiki
12/28/2018 12:49 PM

Thank you all very much. I and the family Appreciate it. @APLMAN99 GO COUGS!

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Tiki Tiki
12/29/2018 9:45 AM

Bump for any additional assistance. We need some more votes.
Thank you

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