Hidden political adds

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10/20/2018 1:22 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/20/2018 1:23 AM

Maybe this is common knowledge, but has anyone seen a hidden add on tv between commercials? I caught one tonight. Like music hidden tracks. You rewind a little and no add, rewind to before the commercial break on the news show I’m watching and the add is at the end after all the commercials. Yes I was watching live TV.I was rewinding to hear the add again and it was gone, thought I was losing my mind and keep rewinding and watched all the commercials again and it was there at the end again. laughing


10/20/2018 8:14 AM

Subliminal messages? Are these political ads? Or just trying to sell you something?


10/20/2018 8:33 AM

Time to trade in that Brunswick television. smile


10/20/2018 10:32 AM

Political adds


10/20/2018 3:01 PM

Sneaky bastards.