Had to say good bye to my little big man today.

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2/28/2019 8:26 AM

Frodo was the boss for 16 years. He kept everyone in check and was fearless. He was our shadow that we will forever miss. He was once fully paralyzed from a large dog landing on him and breaking his back but he just kept after his ball without missing a beat dragging legs behind. We paid a small fortune for an experimental surgery and he got 80 percent mobility back 12 years ago. We entered him in the dachshunds races in the special class and he loved it. We always had big dogs but our close friend and vet asked if we could rescue a group of premature mini dachshunds and we fell in love. You know I say this a lot but Dogs should outlive us with all the unconditional love they give. RIP little buddy.


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2/28/2019 8:29 AM

Sounds like an amazing pup. They really are amazing. He was lucky to have you as you were him!


2/28/2019 9:07 AM

Sorry for your loss.
He sounds like an amazing pup.


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2/28/2019 9:34 AM

Always sucks to lose a dog. Sorry to hear.

P.S.- I never trust people that don't like dogs


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2/28/2019 11:11 AM

Wish dogs would live longer man! Sorry to hear. You got some great memories with him, and it sounds Like he lived one helluva decent life.


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2/28/2019 11:49 AM

Pets are best. Sorry to see the little one have to leave.


2/28/2019 12:47 PM

Man, I'm sorry about your loss. Not an thing to go thru when they become part of your family. I to just recently lost my best friend, he'll always be missed!


2/28/2019 1:17 PM

Sorry for your loss. I like most animals more than humans.The pain will pass but the memories last forever. RIP Frodo. Looks like he was game for anything.


2/28/2019 2:25 PM

R.I.P. Frodo, sorry for your loss.


2/28/2019 4:48 PM

Sorry to hear that man. I cannot imagine the day I lose either of my dogs


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2/28/2019 5:55 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/28/2019 5:56 PM

Losing pets is rough man, sorry to hear.

We're about to get our first pup as a family, really looking forward to watching my kids with him or her! Definitely some favourite memories from my childhood and some tough lessons losing them. It's awful but you gave him the best life he could have had by the sounds of it!


Cheers, Crush

2/28/2019 6:32 PM

Crush is correct. I'm sorry my Moto bro. When my doggy goes I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Thank you for telling me about Frodo and sharing the pics.


2/28/2019 7:21 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/1/2019 7:49 AM

Oh man Frodo sounds like a great dog so sorry for your loss I know the pain it's tough to take and you are absolutely correct about this.

"You know I say this a lot but Dogs should outlive us with all the unconditional love they give. RIP little buddy. "

Sounds like you gave Frodo a great life and I'm sure he appreciated everything you did for him that's all a pet can ask for.


2/28/2019 7:30 PM

I'd like to have someone to put me in the ground when the race is run,pets are the lucky ones.

I got drooling ,going crazy ,shitting in my drawer s ,and burdening my kids to face.

Wish they could drop me at the vet

Sorry man,


2/28/2019 7:53 PM

Ah Frodo, sorry for your loss. Dogs really are the best, I love my girls so much.


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2/28/2019 9:02 PM

Sorry to hear about your loss.


2/28/2019 10:22 PM

FL.....I'm sorry to hear that you lost Frodo. He sounds like he was one bad ass little dog , and it also sounds like he had a great life being with you. Condolences my friend.


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2/28/2019 10:30 PM

Just went through the same a little over a month ago. NOT GOOD. Feel for you.

We just got a long letter in the mail, a thank you letter from Virginia Tech animal science for a donation made in our dogs name (Chito). Come to find out our vet made the donation. They are working on some of the issues that ultimately took our bad ass dog. Like yourself, we did all we could for our friend, I guess our vet really appreciated making their job a little easier.


3/1/2019 4:57 AM

Very sorry. I actually thought of this post shortly after 3am when my little Mocha decided it was cuddle time. Dogs rule.


3/1/2019 8:41 AM

dammit man, i'm really sorry for your loss


3/1/2019 8:44 AM

16 years is a long time indeed. Hang in there thru the hard part and enjoy the good memories.


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3/1/2019 1:35 PM
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My condolences to you. RIP Frodo.


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3/1/2019 2:48 PM

Frodo sounds like he was a faithful companion who brought a lot of love to your family.
Thanks for sharing his story. RIP Frodo (a/k/a "Little Big Man").


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3/1/2019 2:52 PM

Sorry Man! been through this many times like I'm sure many have here., All us pet lovers continue to get new Pets after the last one passes even though we know they are going to pass before us. sucks really, knowing after you get a new pet that if your lucky you have 12-18 years with them before the heartache of losing that Buddy again.

The good times outways the loss by far or we wouldn't keep putting ourselves through such a tragic moment.
Dogs, Man's best friend.
Head up FLMxer, bet Frodo had a great time as much as you did. Thanks for sharing


3/1/2019 2:54 PM

Always tough.


My wife calls you guys the Yahoos.

3/1/2019 3:36 PM

Sucks man, but as others have said, it sounds like you gave him a good life


3/1/2019 3:42 PM

Sucks man, but as others have said, it sounds like you gave him a good life


3/1/2019 4:17 PM

The hardest decision that I've ever had to make in my life was the one to have my best buddy put down 3yrs back. He was only 5yrs old but had gotten stomach cancer. I made life as comfortable as possible during his last couple of months and was wracked with grief the morning that I knew he was at the end.

I feel your pain FL.


3/2/2019 6:32 AM

RIP Frodo. You gave him a great life. I'm sure he made your life great, too.

"Dogs may not be your whole life, but they make your life whole".


3/3/2019 3:40 PM

Don't get me started about losing dogs. Tears and snot bubbles. I feel for your loss. It hurts bad.


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