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12/1/2017 6:52 PM

Been playing like shit lately. I'm not good so when I play like shit, it's shit. My irons have been short and right which is not usually a problem for me. My miss is usually a pull hook. Went to the range today and tried to work it out. Wasn't happening. I backed off, took a breath and tried to remember my old swing keys. Grip the club like a baby bird, slow down, watch the club hit the ball. Bingo. Back to normal. I was death gripping the fucking thing and trying to kill a snake. Fucking golf!

Anyway, glad to see Tiger back and he is playing well. Hope it works for him.


12/1/2017 7:02 PM

I can appreciate golf but realised real quick it was gonna take more time and money than I was willing/able to devote to get good at it. I do enjoy watching the greats own a course though and Tiger could whoop them all. Hope he gets his mojo back.


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12/1/2017 7:34 PM

I used to enjoy golfing. I had a decent swing, and could usually hit in the low 90s pretty consistently on most local, public courses. Every now and then I'd shoot in the high 80s and think that I was king of the world. Even in my late 20s I could beat my younger (by 3 years) brother most of the time.

Then he got a lot more serious about playing, got down to a single digit handicap, and golf sucked balls..........!

I probably play once every 2 or 3 years now, even living so close to some phenomenal courses.


12/1/2017 8:56 PM

Golfing can be fun but only if you do it right



12/2/2017 8:06 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/2/2017 1:20 PM

My best score is 90. I love the sport but it takes a lot of time and dedication. Time is what I don't have right now so I've hung up the club's for a while.
I would love to see Tiger make a comeback but there is some stone cold killers on Tour right now. Speith, DJ, McElroy, Day, just to name a few. Its equivalent to lining up in a 5 man moto against 4 Carmichael's.


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12/2/2017 8:12 AM

Still golf about 3 days a week. Golf is finicky. If one muscle or body part is tight or sore one day it changes your whole swing characteristics. Its different everytime so you take the good with the bad. Brought my cousin visiting from up north golfing yesterday. About had to bribe him to go, kept saying golf is not his thing. Well guess who is ordering clubs and cloths and balls and wants to play every day he is here now? Lol About the tenth person this year who went from making fun of golf. to omg i can't believe it took this many years to try it and now fully addicted. Lol


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12/2/2017 9:46 AM

Currently an 8 hcp with my lowest score this past season being a 74 on a tough par 72 course. I still try to get out during the winter if it's not too crappy out. Driver, irons, and wedges were all pretty good this season. Putting continues to suck a majority of the time with the odd days sprinkled in where it looks like I know what I'm doing.

I really hope Tiger can get back up there and compete for wins. The game sky rockets when the chosen one is in the hunt.


12/2/2017 10:49 AM

I was playing a lot of golf many years ago. I took the Warden to play before she was the Warden and was just a girl I was checking out. She beat me by many strokes and I never played another round of golf.


12/2/2017 3:52 PM

I suck a lot at golf ...

I suck a vodka OJ before
I suck a beer or 12
I suck a chaser on the 19th

I just suck at golf.


12/3/2017 5:51 PM

I switched to single length irons about a year ago. Best decision I ever made playing for 15 years.


12/6/2017 11:17 AM

Rockinar wrote:

I switched to single length irons about a year ago. Best decision I ever made playing for 15 years.

What brand? Cobra? I want to switch also I suck at my long irons. Usually only clubs I bring out is my driver, hybrid, 8,9,p,s.