George Carlin had it figured out years ago>>>

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3/15/2020 11:39 AM


3/15/2020 12:22 PM

All of his skits are awesome. Wish I coulda saw him live before he passed


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3/15/2020 2:05 PM

He was great. I love the one about how the government/elite are “one big f-ing party, and we aren’t invited.”


3/15/2020 3:03 PM

I still remember Carlin's line about cancer, well not exactly but it was something like this,

“Scientists announced today that swallowing small amounts of saliva over a long period of time causes Cancer”


“Adhering to 1970’s Standards of Political Correctness”

3/15/2020 7:11 PM

Politicians: "This is the best we can do folks...."


3/17/2020 11:11 AM

Carlin didn't write jokes, he simply spoke truth that was funny.... He seemed to actually hate society as a whole, and I don't blame him.... But yes .. Carlin, even though a comedian, was dead on about what is actually going on on this planet....

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