Electric Heat Pumps - Swimming Pool Heater

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3/10/2019 7:15 PM

Everything makes sense for me to go with an electric heat pump for a swimming pool heater. We've got a relatively small 15,000 gallon in ground and just want another month or two on both sides of the season.

I've done a bit of research and the only reservation I have is how well they work in a relatively low humidity (Sacramento area) environment.

Anyone have any knowledge/experience with electric heat pumps for heating pools in California or low humidity environments? Much appreciated..


3/10/2019 8:09 PM

I've worked on a few. People around Morgantown have money. I really don't see the humidity factor being a big deal. I might be wrong but a heat pump is a heat pump. It's the trying to get them to move heat under 32 degrees that gets difficult.

Is the pool enclosed? Are you looking to keep it warm when it's freezing outside?


3/10/2019 9:08 PM

No, we’re just trying to add May/June and September/October realistically. No freezing going on.

Average temps for those months is 70’s/80’s. We only get about 4 good sunlight hours due to surrounding trees. Using a solar blanket cover too.


3/11/2019 4:40 AM

The last one I worked on the guys wife had arthritis and the warm pool really helped her. They had a place in Florida but with family up here wanted to stick around as much as they could.
They had an old gas fired pool heater that was toast, said the heat pump did just as good for less money.

I'd make sure whoever you get it from services them. That's the problem around here, hardly anyone wants to work on them.