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11/1/2018 8:02 AM

I went to search in the photo and video gallery and didn't realize that it no longer exists. Come to think about it, that of which we do not speak of no longer exists as well.

My wife took some videos on our camera and she is not able to edit them while uploading to FB. They are large and lengthy. She would like to shorten the length of them and just make short clips of her Zumba class and not the whole routines. Do any of you know of the easiest program to use to do this? Something free and not very complex.
She usually takes videos on her phone which makes it easy to upload and edit while uploading. She doesn't understand that when doing it from the computer that it needs to be edited first.

When Logging into FB from the computer we log into FB.co m. I am using windows 10 and wonder if I downloaded and did FB from the app if it would work? Just a thought that came to mind while typing this.


11/1/2018 8:27 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/1/2018 8:29 AM

I use this. It's dead simple and I can trim video files in batches too. When batch trimming you can set separate start and end points for each video. Then click start button and let it run. It's very fast. I can trim movie files that are 2gb in size in just a few seconds.

You can also cut and split and join from two separate files into a single file. It's got a lot of features.

I just wanted something simple and that worked. And having batch editing was a requirement when trimming several tv episode files at once. The license is cheap. $50. And no annoying popups asking me to buy or upgrade to anything else. There is probably stuff for free out there to use but be careful what you install on your computer. Nothing is really ever free!!



11/1/2018 9:01 AM

Windows Movie Maker. It works for me, comes with Windows. Or it used to, anyway.


Braaapin' aint easy.

11/7/2018 7:43 PM

GoPro have a free app for Mac and windows that really simple and fast. Check it out.


11/8/2018 9:40 AM

If you're stuck I hear Sarah Sanders is pretty good at video editing.


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11/8/2018 11:39 PM

FlickitFlat wrote:

I went to search in the photo and video gallery and didn't realize that it no longer exists. Come to think about it, that of ...more

Facebook has no video editing capability that I know of (but I quit that place four years ago).
Windows Movie Maker used to be good (Does it come with Windows anymore?). Adobe Elements Premiere has a trial version I think. Video editing is trickier than you might think, but there are a few easy ones where you click and drag the scissor tool at the beginning and ending of the clip for crude editing. I'd google "free video editing software" for some sort of simple editing program.


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