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4/11/2018 11:28 AM

benstone wrote:

Took my new Monster for a short, cold spin tonight. It was only 34 degrees outside so emphasis on the short.

First quick impression is that this bike is liquid smooth. No surprise or jittery movements. Very planted. It felt almost too stable at highway speeds. When I don't "feel" like I'm going fast, I tend to wick it up until I do feel like I'm moving fast.

I thought the three riding modes (Sport, Touring, and Urban) would be hokey but I like it. The Urban mode detunes the motor so I can ease into learning how to ride it. Moving it too Sport mode reminded me of when I got my first fast MX back in the day. Way more power than I think I could ever use - but in reality, it's just another level of speed that I'll eventually get used to. Like they talk about with rookies in the NFL, once they get more practice, the game slows down a little them. I need to do that on this bike and three modes will let me step into it in increments.

I really like it so far but more to come and maybe another couple pics. Weather is supposed to get into the 70's later this week.

Markus422 wrote:

Keep in mind touring mode is the same engine settings as sport mode, just more ABS and TC. You can actually go and manually change the settings on each riding mode as well. I use touring a lot when it's wet as urban mode drops her to only 100 HP :/

benstone wrote:

Good reminder on the hp for the touring and sport modes. I originally thought touring hp was between urban and sport. I just read up a little more and see they do change the throttle response between touring and sport. Sport mode has a super sensitive response. One blip and it's off to the races. Tour can get the same hit, but you need to twist it more. I was wondering if all this electronic shit was just BS but I'm getting into it. It makes for a great riding experience. I keep coming back to how "together" this bike is. It all works really well together in terms of suspension, motor, ergos, etc. It has only taken me 2 rides to feel pretty comfy.

Hey - does your right leg ride up against the pipe guard all the time? That's where my leg lands and it seems OK now in the cold weather, but it seems like that thing will get hot in summer, even if it's pretty thick and separated from the pipe itself. Just curious.

I've never had that problem. Currently in the process of putting on new rearsets as I have issues with my heel touching the passenger pegs on the stock ones, but other then that no ergo issues. I've never felt the heat too bad even on the hottest days. The Panigales or older air cooled Ducatis will destroy you if they get too hot though haha


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5/3/2018 5:26 PM

300 mile report: I love this bike. It handles well, the motor is crazy strong and it looks amazing. This 2 cylinder 1200 CC beast redlines at 10K because there is never any valve float. The desmodromic valve drive is a little outdated but sounds awesome and will never float a valve. The after market pipes howl at the top end of the RPM range. Here's how the valves work:



10/25/2018 9:16 PM

Not that anyone but me gives a shit, but here's a brief longer range report:

I put about 3,000 miles on the Monster this summer. It would have been more, but I had new hip surgery in early September. Overall impressions are still the same. This is a sweet bike with good manners. It all works together well for a solid ride. It did take me about 1,500 miles to get to the point where I was comfortable wicking it up hard in sport mode, but now I can hold it WFO and hammer through gears as I feel the need. It's fast enough though that it's hard to find the space to let it rip into the upper gears. Usually just quick blips up to a ton and then have to brake for traffic.

I am having a minor issue with the front brake system needing bled again. I thought I got all of the old fluid and air out but it's cloudy again and spongy. I bought a Mityvac bleeder tool and will try that in a few weeks.

The Termignoni pipe on this thing is an attention getter. It sounds sorta mean at idle, but once you hit 4 -5K RPM, it has an amazing race sound. Engine braking is an audible event too. For a bike person, it's music to my ears but I'm not sure my neighbors feel the same way. The guy included the stock pipe when I bought it and I may put that back on just for a few days next year to see how performance compares. I have to think this aftermarket pipe adds some go.

No other mechanical issues except for the front brakes - just keep putting gas in it and go. It's due for the dealer service over the winter and I'll probably get that done instead of doing it myself. I'm short on time these days and this bike is mechanically dense so it looks like it might be a pain in the ass to work on.